Pieter W. Claeys



Editors' Suggestion in Physical Review B

06 February 2019

More good news: our paper on integrability and duality in spin chains has also been published in Physical Review B. It has been chosen as an Editors' Suggestion, leading to a nice figure and teaser on the Physical Review B homepage.

Joint work with Eyzo Stouten, Jean-Sébastien Caux and Vladimir Gritsev.

XYZ Richardson-Gaudin models

06 February 2019

Our recent paper on general XYZ Richardson-Gaudin models with Stijn De Baerdemacker, Alexandre Faribault and his Ph.D. student Claude Dimo has now been published in Journal of Physics A as a Letter and has been awarded the IOPselect label. According to the the IOP site, our paper belongs to a group of 'articles from the last 12 months that have been chosen by our editors for their novelty, significance and potential impact on future research.'

Publication news

16 October 2018

Some news about active collaborations: our paper about the most general XYZ Richardson-Gaudin model in an arbitrary magnetic field just appeared on arXiv. While XYZ models generally do not allow for an arbitrary magnetic field, we show how such a field can be introduced through the restriction to spin-1/2 models, which relaxes the usual integrability constraints. Joint work with Stijn De Baerdemacker, Alexandre Faribault and his Ph.D. student Claude Dimo from the University of Lorraine, following my one-week stay at Lorraine earlier this year. Hopefully, this should allow for a more realistic description of the decoherence of central spin models. All comments are welcome!

On to the next state of the publication process - the paper with Eyzo Stouten, Mikhail Zvonarev, Jean-S├ębastien Caux and Vladimir Gritsev on generalized Lieb-Liniger models just got accepted for publication in Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical and should appear online shortly.