Pieter W. Claeys



APS March Meeting

04 March 2019

Tomorrow I will be presenting our work on Floquet resonances in the central spin model in the APS March Meeting currently taking place in Boston, during the session Non-Equilibrium Physics in AMO Systems II. According to the abstract:

Adiabatically varying the driving frequency of a periodically driven many-body quantum system can induce controlled transitions between resonant eigenstates of the time-averaged Hamiltonian, corresponding to adiabatic transitions in the Floquet spectrum and presenting a general tool in quantum many-body control. Using the central spin model as an application, we show how such controlled driving processes can lead to a polarization-based decoupling of the central spin from its decoherence-inducing environment at resonance. While it is generally impossible to obtain the exact Floquet Hamiltonian in driven interacting systems, we exploit the integrability of the central spin model to show how techniques from quantum quenches can be used to explicitly construct the Floquet Hamiltonian in a restricted many-body basis and model Floquet resonances..

Editors' Suggestion in Physical Review B

06 February 2019

More good news: our paper on integrability and duality in spin chains has also been published in Physical Review B. It has been chosen as an Editors' Suggestion, leading to a nice figure and teaser on the Physical Review B homepage.

Joint work with Eyzo Stouten, Jean-Sébastien Caux and Vladimir Gritsev.

XYZ Richardson-Gaudin models

06 February 2019

Our recent paper on general XYZ Richardson-Gaudin models with Stijn De Baerdemacker, Alexandre Faribault and his Ph.D. student Claude Dimo has now been published in Journal of Physics A as a Letter and has been awarded the IOPselect label. According to the the IOP site, our paper belongs to a group of 'articles from the last 12 months that have been chosen by our editors for their novelty, significance and potential impact on future research.'