Pieter W. Claeys



Editors' Suggestion in Physical Review Letters

30 August 2019

Our paper on counterdiabatic driving in quantum many-body systems has been published in Physical Review Letters and chosen as Editors' Suggestion! Our work is currently highlighted on the Physical Review Letters homepage and according to the website: Our Suggestions will be based on the potential interest in the results presented and, importantly, on the success of the paper in communicating its message, in particular to readers from other fields. Thanks to everyone involved!

Visiting UNB

26 August 2019

This week I'll be visiting the University of New Brunswick in Canada, visiting the De Baerdemacker group and talking to a crowd of unexpecting chemists about transitionless driving in quantum many-body systems.

Conferences: DYNQOS19 & Lindau

16 June 2019

Catch me in Germany this month - next week, I am attending the Engineering Nonequilibrium Dynamics of Open Quantum Systems (DYNQOS19) workshop at the Max Planck Institute in Dresden. On Tuesday, I will be talking about our recent results on Floquet-engineering counterdiabatic protocols in quantum many-body systems, and on Thursday I will be chairing the late afternoon session. More information about the program here.

After this conference, on to the next, since I will also be presenting this topic as a poster at the 69th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting (see above)!